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Oct 21


The signs as Pixar movies


Aries : Brave

Taurus : Ratatouille

Gemini : Toy Story 2

Cancer : Toy Story

Leo : The Incredibles

Virgo : Monsters University

Libra : A Bug’s Life

Scorpio : Monsters, Inc.

Sagittarius : Up

Capricorn : Toy Story 3

Aquarius : Wall-E

Pisces : Finding Nemo

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I have to write a process analysis paper for ap english on how i write papers and this is the first sentence of my conclusion

imageif this gets 10k notes by tomorrow around 6 am i’ll leave it in

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when van gogh was out painting in a field some kids shot him by mistake while they were playing with their dad’s shotgun but he told everyone he shot himself so they wouldn’t get in trouble and then he DIED and for a long time everyone thought it was suicide but it wasn’t a suicide he was just trying to help the kids that’s the saddest thing in the world im gonna throw up 

oh my god

this literally just tore my heart into a million pieces

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if you go to hell for being bad why wouldn’t satan reward you for it why does he make you suffer wtf id be like hell yeah motherfucker you my nigga lets party

i started to laugh and then i realized that this is actually a really valid question

Alternatively, if Satan punishes sinners, why isn’t he considered good?

If the Pope dies, is he being promoted or fired?

We’re becoming self aware

satan makes you suffer because he hates that he chose humans over angels, that god loves these flawed horrid vile creatures rather than him and the other angels, he tempts you to show god your flaws… also god is a dick too

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“My body is a dead language and you pronounced every word perfectly.” — Unrequited Love Poem, Sierra DeMulder (via wr-ath)

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Today’s Gender of the Day: Charging Badger


Today’s Gender of the Day: Charging Badger


i’m so tired of women throwing themselves at me. i’ve had enough of women squeezing into cannons and firing themselves at me and shattering my pelvis. i’m sick of it